Private Guiding


Do the climb you've always dreamed of or have your guide suggest a few options they think would be perfect for a fun day out, weekend out, week out, whatever you're into. It's all personalized and it's all up to you!

Get exactly what you want when you want it by hiring a guide for yourself and your friends or family.

Guides are available for hire based on your schedule and your specific goals.

Rates are as follows, all rates are per person per day and do not include 5% GST


Instruction and/or Single-pitch Rock Guiding

Full Day:          Half Day:

1:1  $380           1:1  $260

2:1  $200         2:1  $140

3:1  $160          3:1  $110

4:1  $140          4:1  $100

Multi-pitch Rock Guiding:

Full Day:         Half Day:

1:1   $450         1:1  $280

2:1   $275         2:1  $210


Alpine or Ice Climbing Guiding:

1:1     $600

2:1     $350

3:1     $275

4:1     $200

*Additional fees apply to 5.11 rock routes, WI5 ice climbs, TD- alpine climbs or harder. We also charge additional fees for big mountains, remote mountains, and international climbs, if planning a trip with us to one of these areas we will work this into the trip budget. All additional fees will be disclosed prior to booking.

Sunshine Crack 5.11- Bugaboo Provincial Park BC

Sunshine Crack 5.11- Bugaboo Provincial Park BC