Women's Rock and Leadership - age 18-22

4-day Women’s Rock Climbing and Leadership Course


  • Do you want to learn how to rock climb, but don’t know where to start?

  • Have you climbed a little bit and feel like you have to rely on someone else?  

  • Do you wonder if your partners are teaching you safe and accepted practices?

This course is led by Katie Oram who has previously taught leadership curriculum during her time with NOLS. The four days are designed for young women to learn about rock climbing in a positive and inclusive space. There will be a focus on learning technical skills while gaining the confidence to climb as a contributing partner after the course. Our female ACMG guides will focus on themes of developing self-reliance, building competence and learning safe climbing systems. We will also emphasize the importance of females in leadership and mentorship roles. We hope this all-female space will help you learn from female mentors and give you the confidence to be a  leader in the outdoors.

No prior experience is required. We will cater the course to different ability levels.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1:
Introductions & Goals
Belaying, lowering
Climbing movement and technique
Review of the day - new techniques, discussion, goal setting

Day 2:
Intro to Lead Climbing - Sport and Traditional
Lead Belaying
Anchors - building and cleaning
Climbing movement and technique
Lead Climbing Progression
Review of the day - new techniques, discussion, continued goal setting

Day 3:
Day structured towards continued goal development

Day 4:
Multi-pitch day. Learn a basic understanding of the systems and skills needed for multi-pitch climbing. We will climb one of the classic Squamish multi-pitches.


Ages 18-22

July 5-8 Aug 9-12

Price $600