Fitness like never before! Outdoor personal training from outdoor professionals.

About Rock Solid Fitness programs

     Our fitness programs go beyond what normal personal trainers are qualified to offer, preparing you for any objective, big or small. Programs are catered to your individual training goals, your first session will be one-on-one and slightly longer, so that your trainer can develop a program specifically for you. Future sessions will be private or small group sessions. We like to pair people up who could potentially be good climbing partners. Things are kept flexible based on your schedule. Sessions are outdoors in scenic locations and can include bouldering, trail running, scrambling, TRX, as well as conventional forms of exercise. Session locations are flexible and are available between North Vancouver and Squamish upon request.

If you are looking to switch from conventional personal training to outdoor personal training but are unsure of what's involved then book a no-commitment intro session to gain a better understanding of what we have to offer. Book one today for only $50

If you are totally new to fitness and the outdoors take one of our hybrid course programs and we'll not only get you fit but we'll teach you the skills to hike, scramble, or rock climb safely and enjoyably!