Alpine Rock Climbing


Take your rock climbing skills to higher places, or take your general mountaineering skills to the next level with this very popular and worthwhile course. Whether you dream of safely and efficiently cruising up local rock routes to coastal summits, or if you dream of big routes in the Bugaboos, Patagonia or Baffin Island this is for you!

This 3 day adventure is for experienced rock climbers wanting to take their skills to the alpine!

We focus on alpine systems to increase speed and efficiency, simul-climbing, terrain belays, piton placement and removal, building safe rappel stations, and descending safely in the mountains. Rock rescue systems are covered as well as route-finding and general mountain hazard avoidance.

Ratios are kept low on these courses generally 2:1 client:guide ratio.

2018 Dates

June 29th-July 1st. August 15-17th. September 8-10th

Contact us for custom dates!


$925 per person

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 - Meet in Squamish, Whistler or Vancouver depending on course location.

Gear check

Drive to the mountains, hike in, setup camp

Review protection placement and removal

Review anchor construction

Day 2 - Attempt a summit while practicing alpine rock techniques for ascent and descent

Day 3 - Cover piton placement, review and clarify and techniques from the previous two days that requires clarification

Attempt a second summit if time allows

Break camp, hike out, drive home

*Actual itinerary will be based on weather and conditions